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Growing Pains

It has been a while since I have written on this page. In fact, it has been so long that I was and am a little afraid to write something new. Perhaps it is the shame of knowing that I have abandoned a habit I really cherished, or maybe it’s that I am not sure where this web site should go next. In both cases, I don’t have a very good excuse.

In August 2007, I thought I would be more efficient and place all of my personal food commentary online, so as to avoid repeating myself. And one Monday, I decided to see what “blogging” was all about. What developed next was this habit that became almost an obsession where every day I had to post something on the web. If it was food related, it went online. After a while, the frenetic daily posting subsided to a more reasonable rhythm of a few times a week. When I got to France in April 2009, it trickled down to very little… and then nothing.

In retrospect, I grew a lot through the experience of constantly expressing myself online. When people asked what motivated me to keep going for so long, the answer was always that it was my personal therapist. It’s not that I went through particular trauma, but I certainly needed some space and to mould myself during that period of my life. Without realizing it, I often used food metaphors to express my thoughts regarding what was happening in my life and around me. The real experiences that were behind every post were much more profound than just those that seduced my palate.

As I write this post, I am contemplating what the future of this space is going to be. I am still going through a bunch of rather intense experiences, but perhaps because I feel that I have found my place, I feel less of a need to search for answers via my writing. And perhaps I now prefer a less public persona online, but then where would the personal touch I like to convey on the web site come from? Right now, this web site is in its teenage phase, it thinks it knows but it’s still very immature. Last fall I launched a new version of the web site, but it was really a new skin. Now I think I need to be more specific about the content that I am willing and mostly ready to put there.

Truthfully, I want this web site to be a place where I can air my thoughts even if they aren’t food related sometimes. It may have to do with research that I am working on, the stuff that my students are wondering about, the debates I have with my better half, and the occasional tribulations relating to my integration in France. Naturally, food and wine will probably prevail, but maybe I will want to talk about word-of-mouth, or luxury marketing, or even bitch about French administrative processes. I promise to keep the debate open… and I also hope that you as readers will tolerate the process.